2007-12-06 & 21:38 : why not take me with you.

untitled. kohei yoshiyuki; 1971

david sylvian - late night shopping


"...and I am shy to admit I've dreamt of you again, in the way I told about before.

This time, though, I could actually smell you, and when I tried

I could taste you.

I rubbed my face all over your skin...your jaw and throat, and as I pulled your tie loose and undid your buttons,

your collarbones too.

I can remember the feeling of the skin of your hips on my mouth, and the arch of your back under my fingertips.

And even the feeling of your cheekbones under my tongue as I pulled your glasses off to set on the bedside table.

I am not sure where this longing for you comes from, it's different than anyone I have ever longed for,

(I can feel it in my chest, and even my knees, when I think about you)

but when I woke up, I had blood in my mouth,

from biting my lip."